Living in dorm

Using the cafeteria

Medical Health Check-up center

During the dormitory application period, you can choose among a variety of meal options: None, 3 meals everyday, 2 meals everyday, 3 meals on weekdays, 2 meals on weekdays)
BTL residents should utilize the BTL cafeteria while other students should utilize the Main Dormitory Cafeteria. Students who did not register for a meal plan can purchase a meal ticket worth \3700 from the vending machines in front of every cafeteria.
While UiAmGwan and HanSeoGwan residents can also register a meal plan at the Main Dormitory Cafeteria, if the KNU High School dormitory cafeteria is preferred, every month costs \300,000.
Students who did not register for a meal plan can buy a meal ticket and eat at CheonJiGwan or BaekRokGwan etc. There are also a lot of stores and restaurants near KNU’s back and front gates.

Foreign students have the options below when using cafeteria.

① Use the cafeteria after paying for meals for a semester. (around 600,000 won for 4 months)
② Use the cafeteria after buying a meal ticket for each meal (3,700 won for one meal)
If you choose ‘option①’, you can't cancel it or get refund during the semester.BTL dormitory is different(meals are mandatory) and the Global Dorm has no cafeteria(cooking is possible inside).
Weekday Sunday and Holiday
Breakfast 07:00~09:00 08:00~09:00
Lunch 11:30~13:30 12:00~13:00
Supper 17:30~19:00 17:30~18:30