Living in dorm

Living in dorm

Annual Health Examination(Medical report)

Medical Health Check-up center

After arriving here in Korea, you can take x-ray check up at medical center near our dormitory
*location : 10 minutes by foot. #363-7 hyoja-2-dong, Chuncheon city, Gangwon Tel : 033-260-0800
* handling fee : 3,500 Korean Won
* guidance on usage :
1. everyone can use our comprehensive medical check-up center. it is a specialized medical institution that professionally perform health diagnosis.
2. you can received diverse range of medical check-up including comprehensive medical check-up, partial medical check-up and selective medical check-up, etc.
3. it takes about 3 hours for the comprehensive medical check-up.
4. you must make reservation by phone or internet if you wish to use the center.
5. there is no reservation fee. please inform us in advance if you unavoidably have to cancel reservation.
6. you can settle the cost of examination in cash or with credit card.
7. we are operating comprehensive medical check-up centers in provinces and cities throughout the country

Annual Health Examination (Medical report)

Every single dormitory student has to submit a health examination(medical report) before entering the room. Be aware of that you could be evicted if you did not submit it until the early of March.