Living in dorm

Dormitory Rules

No Prohibited activities Penalties
1 A resident who has been suspended from school. Eviction
2 A resident who is accused with civil or criminal violation of law or who is a suspect.
3 A resident who got an academic warning grade(less than 1.75) in the most recent regular academic grade obtained.
4 A resident who has been infected with Hepatitis or any infection diseases even after entering the dormitory.
5 A resident who commits sexual abuses or sexual harassments.
6 A resident who participated in domestic violence(cursing, threats, etc.), robbery, gambling, accessing to the dormitory in an unusual manner, etc.
7 Changing the assigned room without permission
8 A resident who Arbitrarily change the assigned room to him/her without permission.
9 Smoking(including electronic cigarettes) in the dormitory(all of the facilities in the dormitory)
10 Unauthorized cooking either inside or outside of the dormitory(except global dormitory, room for married person in euirum-Kwan)
11 A resident who lend a card-key(room key) to the other person or let the other person know door rock password
12 A resident who refused to take instructions for public safety and hygiene and guidance of the responsible staffs 1Point ~ Eviction
13 Any resident who, during curfew time(01:00~05:00) opens the door for another resident without leaving his or her access record ( penalty for both including graduate students) 5Points
14 Drinking alcohol in and around the dormitory or bringing in alcohol(empty bottle included)
15 During curfews(01:00-05:00), any resident, on his/her own fault or by negligence, who opens the entrance door for another resident without leaving access record※ Penalty to him(her)self and duplicated penalty will be imposed depending on the number of people entering without access record(The same applies to the graduate students) 3Points
16 Curfew Violation(01:00~05:00) and illegal access(Except graduate students)
17 Motorcycle noise caused by the food delivery and delivery services are prohibited during curfews(01:00-05:00)(The same applies to the graduate students)
18 A resident who rent a card-key during curfews(Card-key rental is not serviced at that time)
19 Bringing electric heater and prohibited items into the dormitory or using them. (refrigerator, fan, electric blanket, electric heater, indoor gas burner, cookware, electric kettle, prohibited electronic appliance and other cooking supplies, incense, candle, etc.)
20 Vomiting or urinating in and around the dormitory
21 Smoking outside of the designated dormitory smoking area
22 Allowing strangers(including dormitory residents and outsiders) or opposite sex to access the dormitory or stay in it
23 A resident who has submitted a tuberculosis check result behind a designated period(Penality can be imposed in duplicate)
24 Creating a disturbance or making noise inside the dormitory(Playing musical instruments, loud singing, etc.)
25 Absence and non-attendance in Dormitory events such as roll call, orientation, etc.
26 When illegal dumping of garbage, improper disposal of food waste or poor room cleaning condition are found
27 Leaving baggage or personal belongings either in the delivery room or in corridor for a long period of time (more than 3 weeks)
28 Neglecting of check-out period or poor room cleaning condition on the check-out moment(including neglected personal belongings)
29 A resident, during roll call, who move around inside or outside of the residence building without permission 1Point
30 A resident, who lost, borrowed or lent a card-key(room key)(loss of responsibility, non-compliance with dormitory requirement) 0.5Point

Reward Points

Public Service Contributions Merit Points
1. A resident who reports quickly for emergency patient or voluntarily nurses somebody sick 3Points
2. A resident who initially response or report to prevent fires
3. A resident who participated in activities that serve the public interest recognized by the Dean of KNU Dormitory
4. Participation in KNU Dormitory-sponsored or Resident Council-sponsored events 0.5Point
1) Aiding and abetting the prohibited activities can be imposed a panelty and a sudden roll call without a notice can be performed.
2) “Regulation Violation Guidance Ticket” will be given to the violator. If you get 8points for violating the rules, you will be evicted from the dormitory.
3) If you receive penalty points(Eviction), you can consult with a supervisor at the dormitory within a week, and the notice can be decided again with the consent of the assistant supervisor.
4) Both Penalty points and Rewared points are in effect for one year. Resident who got 8 points and is evicted is not allowed to return to the dormitory.
5) The dormitory frequently publishes notices on the bulletin board in the residence building and dormitory website, and disadvantages of not recognizing them are borne by the resident him(her)self. Also, Resident should fill in his(her) mobile-phone number on the dormitory website and the disadvantages of not doing it are borne by the resident him(her)self.
6) When a resident leave dormitory leaving personal belongings behind in the dormitory, dormitory office is able to dispose of the goods without consent.