Check in/out

Check in / out

Check out

Check-out : means moving out after in the end of a semester

Apply check-our during the announced period in KNU dormitory website
Resident have to check-out on the day you have applied for
Resident have to do the room cleaning before checking out
※ if not, there will be penalty points due to the regulations.

Midway Check-out : Checking out in the middle of a semester

Resident have to tell the reason of checking out through the website
Check-out application could be done through the homepage while check-out forms should also be filled out together with the resident’s bank account number.
※ Dormitory fee(and meal) refund would be based on the provisions of the dormitory
Resident have to do the room cleaning before checking out
※ if not, there will be penalty points due to the regulations.
1. If your don’t follow the procedure, your deposit won’t be returned
2. Move your belongings and clean your room
3. Make sure to take the room inspection
4. Deposit will be returned to your Korean bank account
※ Deposit will returned 2 weeks after formal Check-out
Type Dormitory Where to return received items Remarks
First Dormitory YulGokGwan YulGokGwan 1st floor Management room For the Cafeteria and building access
ToeGyeGwan [Fingerprint Registration]
DaSanGwan [Yulgokgwan Main Office]
Sceond Dormitory NanJiWon NanJiWon 1st Flr Management Room
BTL  BTL male building Management Room Prepare \10000 for card key deposit money 

Normal Check-out

1. Confirm the check-out date, time and procedures on the Dormitory homepage
2. The received items (key and bed sheet) should be returned during the check-out period
* After checking out, the remaining students in the room should maintain the cleanliness of it, otherwise, penalty points shall be given.

Check-out in the middle of the semester

1. After logging into the homepage [Personal Information] → [Check-out Registration] Corner Reference
2. With the filled out check-out form, visit the Yulgokgwan main office
3. On the day of check-out, return the key and bed sheet to the management room until 5pm
* The student must clean his/her room and its furnitures before checking out
* The refund will be received approximately 1 week after checking out

How to apply

1. After logging into the homepage [Personal Information] → [Slot Result Confirmation] confirm the building and room number
2. After passing through building and room confirmation, receive the key and bed sheet
3. The received items would be in the student's possession for the rest of the stay, any loss of the received items shall be compensated
* These should be received personally by the student.